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King of King's

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World Battle Preparations

Through the fire & blood, we fight, use whisper's for power until the Dragon sit's upon the Iron Throne. Deceit is our watchword.

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Information IS POWER, loyalty and family can only come to those who hold Power.

Power resides where men believe it resides, it is a trick, a shadow on the wall, therefor a small person can cast a large shadow. Yet we know the whisper's in the dark, the whisper's in the light, fire and blood cause an even greater shadow to be cast wherever it may fall. So with whisper's and fire and blood the Iron Throne will finally hold the rightful heir, we shall alway's work toward that and use our Power wisely.

We are the sleeping dragon, waiting for the right time to wake, yet waking and burning those who need it only to go back to sleep again, waiting for our time to take the Throne, yet we hear everything.


  • Help for new player's since I am a new player myself I am finding thing's out mostly as I go and sometime's asking other's for help or looking it up. Willing to share what I learn.


  • Not expecting daily player's although I am mostly a daily player there are a few day's I end up not playing.
  • HAVE FUN with the game. This is not the alliance for those who like to fight other's all the time. It's about having fun with the game.
  • Participation when you are playing. If we are doing an AvA please participate. Please participate in whatever we are doing.


If you're a Top 20 or Top 50 or Top 100 Alliance, list it. If you've won any Awards for AvA, this is where you can list which Awards you've won and when. Whatever you're proud of, list it here.


Leader: Sylwa Blackfyre


  • Dominus Nolan

How to Join

If you have any restrictions on membership, this is the place to make it. If you have open membership and wish to list the links people can use to join your Alliance on this page, use the template below (you will need to edit the URL using the link icon above and replace "ALLIANCE_ID" with the ID number for Alliance - it can be found on the Settings page for your Alliance in the game).

To join our Alliance, click on the relevant link:

  • Targaryen

Lastly, you will want to note what tier your alliance is..

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