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Ironman's Bay

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Ironman's Bay

The Ironman's Bay is the large bay that sits on the western side of Westeros stretching from the Flint Cliffs in the North around through the Neck, Cape of Eagles to the south, where it borders the northern edge of the Westerlands. The Iron Islands sit in the bay.

Adventures at the Ironman's BayEdit

Volume I Icon End the Pirate War
Volume I Icon Repair the Booming Tower
Volume III Icon Pursue Rogue Sea Reaver (Day)
Volume IV Icon Conduct Prisoner Exchange
Volume IV Icon Break In New Vessel


Cape of Eagles

a large land mass that juts out into Ironman's Bay, pointing the way to the Iron Islands. It is located west of Seagard.
Flint Cliffs

a series of cliffs that lie near Cape Kraken and sit on the northern edge of Ironman's Bay.

a town and castle in the Riverlands. Located on the western coast of the Riverlands along Ironman's Bay, Seagard is sheltered by the Cape of Eagles and is nestled near the headwaters of the Blue Fork.

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