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World Pyke

Both a castle and one of the islands that make up the island chain called the Iron Islands. It is the seat of House Greyjoy, the rulers of the Iron Islands. 'Pyke' is also the name given to bastards born on the Iron Islands.

Featured InEdit

Volume I Icon Secrets of the Saltstone Writings


The Bloody Keep

the main body of, the castle, Pyke.
The Great Keep

the oldest portion of, the castle, Pyke.
Iron Holt

a stronghold on the island of Pyke.

a small harbor town with a keep, on the island of Pyke, providing safe anchor for those who wish to reach the castle of Pyke.
The Sea Tower

the oldest portion of, the castle, Pyke.
The Seastone Chair

the ancient throne of the Iron Islands, used as the throne by Kings of the Iron Islands. The throne is located on a dais, in the Great Keep on Pyke. It is made of a block of oily black stone carved into the shape of a kraken. The legend says that it was found by the First Men on the shores of Old Wyk when they came to the Iron Islands.

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