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Indecision Breeds Enemies

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Indecision Breeds Enemies

Another noble took something from you because he thought you too weak to resist. Show him, and all who think the same, the error of their ways.

Icon-quest-dark Goals

Icon-crown-dark Bonus Goals

  • Join an alliance
  • Produce 3 rare or better weapons, items, or units
  • Give 50 favors

Icon-friendgift-dark Rewards

Quest Icon All Quests

Required Quests

These quests must be completed to progress to the next Chapter.

Main Questline

Neighboring Nobles Questline

Your Holdings Questline

Quest Icon If you grow complacent, it will be your downfall. Guard against foes without and within.

Quest Icon Volume I Icon Quest Icon

They Will Never Suspect a Bard - Volume I - To the Victor Go the Spoils

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