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Once an image has been renamed, move the line to the appropriate category below the "Found" section: "Clean Up" or "Done"Edit


If you find an image whose file name does not match our naming convention, please include the original name and the corrected name below.

Rename File:Syrio Jerkin.jpg to File:Syrio Forel's Jerkin.jpg

Rename File:Syrio Insignia.jpg to File:Syrio Forel's Insignia.jpg

Rename File:Stranger wife statview.jpg to File:The Stranger's Wife.jpg

Rename File:Smith pendant.jpg to File:The Smith's Pendant.jpg

Rename File:Father_scales.jpg to File:The Father's Scales.jpg

Rename File:Warrior_son.jpg to File:The Warrior's Son.jpg

Rename File:Maiden_sword_statview.jpg to File:The Maiden's Sword.jpg

Rename File:Prayer Wheel Deluxe.jpg to File:The Mother's Prayer Wheel.jpg

Rename File:Brienne Armor.jpg to File:Brienne's Armor.jpg

Rename File:Mountain Armor.jpg to File:The Mountain's Armor.jpg

Rename File:Theon Armor.jpg to File:Theon Greyjoy's Armor.jpg

Rename File:Renly Armor.jpg to File:Renly Baratheon's Armor.jpg

Rename File:Joffrey Armor.jpg to File:Joffrey's Armor.jpg

Rename File:Loras Armor.jpg to File:Ser Loras Tyrell's Armor.jpg

Rename: File:Bronn Wineskin.jpg to File:Bronn's Wineskin.jpg

Rename File:Robert Armor.jpg to File:King Robert's Armor.jpg

Rename File:Reek Razor.jpg to File:Reek's Razor.jpg

Rename File:Ollie's Bow.jpg to File:Olly's Bow.jpg

Rename File:Theon Jewelry.jpg to File:Theon's Jewelry.jpg

Rename File:Theon Bow.jpg to File:Theon's Bow.jpg

Rename File:Bravos Blade.jpg to File:Braavosi Blade.jpg
Pages: Godswood - Weapons - Category:Battle Weapons - Category:Trade Weapons - Category:Intrigue Weapons - Category:World Events - Bravo's Blade - Braavosi Blade - Water Dancer Blade - Faceless Man Blade - The People's Choice Alliance

Rename File:Faceless Blade.jpg to File:Faceless Man Blade.jpg
Pages: Godswood - Category:Battle Weapons - Category:Trade Weapons - Category:Intrigue Weapons - Category:World Events - Water Dancer Blade - Faceless Man Blade - Faceless Killer Blade - Faceless Deceiver Blade - Faceless Assassin Blade

Rename File:Blindeye Deluxe.jpg to File:Nightshade.jpg
Pages: Embassy - Fine Wood - Dyed Textile - Weapons - Delicate Satin Cloak - Dreamwine - Nightshade - Category:Intrigue Weapons - Sacrifice - Manticore Venom - Alchemists' Guild - Category:Embassy - Warlock

Rename File:Arya Prayer.jpg to File:Arya's Prayer.jpg
Pages: Category:Boons - Arya's Prayer - Voyage to Braavos Deal - Fight Fiery Hand Zealots - Liberator Title

Rename File:Arya Tunic.jpg to File:Arya's Tunic.jpg
Pages: Armor - Category:Battle Armor - Category:Intrigue Armor - Arya's Tunic - Voyage to Braavos Deal - Lost Champions Deal - Lost Companions Pack

Rename File:Greyworm Sword.jpg to File:Grey Worm's Sword.jpg
Pages: Weapons - Category:Battle Weapons - Category:Intrigue Weapons - Category:Deadly Items - Grey Worm's Sword - Astapor Freedom Pack - Daenerys's Meereen Market Deal - Astapor Freedom Deal - Category:Alliance versus Alliance Items - Freed Unsullied Sword

Rename File:Greyworm Armor.jpg to File:Grey Worm's Armor.jpg
Pages: Armor - Category:Battle Armor - Category:Intrigue Armor - Grey Worm's Armor - Astapor Freedom Pack - Astapor Freedom Deal - Freed Unsullied Armor

Rename File:Jason Sword Remnants.jpg to File:Remnants of Jason's Sword.jpg
Pages: Godswood - Weapons - Masterwork Greatsword - Valyrian Glyphs - Jason's Reforged Sword - Remnants of Jason's Sword - Seek First Men's Relics - Template:Remnants of Jason's Sword - Category:Battle Weapons - Category:Trade Weapons - Category:Intrigue Weapons - Category:Adventure Rewards

Rename File:Jason Sword Reforged.jpg to File:Jason's Reforged Sword.jpg
Pages: Godswood - Weapons - Masterwork Greatsword - Valyrian Glyphs - Jason's Reforged Sword - Remnants of Jason's Sword - Category:Battle Weapons - Category:Trade Weapons - Category:Intrigue Weapons - Category:Godswood

Rename File:Gleaming Greatsword.jpg to File:Glorious Greatsword.jpg
Pages: Smithy - Weapons - Masterwork Greatsword - Heavy Knight - Grand Ice Axe - Glorious Greatsword - Category:Battle Weapons - Category:Smithy

Rename File:Poisoned Cask Deluxe.jpg to File:Undetectable Poison.jpg
Pages: Weapons - Widow's Blood - Poisoned Cask - Undetectable Poison - Arbor - Intent Scholar - Deadly Poison - Category:Arbor - Category:Intrigue Weapons

Rename File:Prayer Wheel Deluxe.jpg to File:Catelyn's Prayer Wheel.jpg
Pages: Weapons - Lady Catelyn Stark - Best of Volume 3 Pack - Stark Harvest Feast Pack - Winterfell Market Deal - Faith of the Seven Deal - The Mother's Prayer Wheel - Faith of the Seven Pack - Category:Trade Weapons - Category:Intrigue Weapons - Category:Player to Player Items

Rename File:Joffreys Crossbow Deluxe.jpg to File:Levered Crossbow.jpg
Pages: Template:WE Nav Bar - Weapons - Levered Crossbow - Category:Battle Weapons - Category:Intrigue Weapons - Riches from Defeating the Pirates - Braavosi Pirate Crossbow

Rename File:Anguy Quiver.jpg to File:Anguy the Archer's Quiver.jpg

Rename File:Hooded Figure.jpg to File:Eavesdropper.jpg
Pages: (lots)

Rename: File:Hooded Horseman.jpg to File:Scout.jpg
Pages: (lots)

Rename: File:Deluxe Fancy Man.jpg to File:Master Mercer.jpg

Rename: File:Short Sword.jpg to File:Shortsword.jpg

Rename: File:Benjen Horse.jpg to File:Benjen Stark's Horse.jpg
Pages (5) Benjen Stark's Horse - Northern King's Horse - Peerless Tales Item - Rangers of the Watch Deal - Rangers of the Watch Pack

Rename: File:Benjen Stark Insignia.jpg to File:Benjen Stark's Insignia.jpg

Rename: File:Benjen Black Cloak.jpg to File:Benjen Stark's Black Cloak.jpg

Rename: File:Nights Watch Cloak.jpg to File:Night's Watch Cloak.jpg

Rename: File:Sansa Necklace.jpg to File:Sansa's Necklace.jpg

Rename: File:Wall Climbing Ice Pick.jpg to File:Ice Pick.jpg

Rename: File:Tormund Furs.jpg to File:Tormund Giantbane's Furs.jpg

Rename: File:Greatsword Ice North.jpg to File:Ice, Greatsword of the North.jpg

Rename: File:Lightbringer Red Sword of Heroes.jpg to File:Lightbringer, Red Sword of Heroes.jpg

Rename: File:Cart of Tools.jpg to File:Cart.jpg

Rename: File:Craster Axe.jpg to File:Craster's Hand Axe.jpg

Rename: File:Great Kraken.jpg to File:The Great Kraken.jpg

Rename: File:Loras Armor.jpg to File:Ser Loras Tyrell's Armor.jpg

Rename: File:Xaro Vault Key.jpg to File:Xaro Xhoan Daxos' Vault Key.jpg

Rename: File:Arya Needle.jpg to File:Needle.jpg

Rename: File:Maiden_sword_statview.jpg to File:The Maiden's Sword.jpg

Rename: File:Red Priestess.jpg to File:Priestess of R'hllor.jpg

Rename: File:Tywin Lannister's Insignia Seal.jpg to File:Tywin Lannister's Insignia.jpg

Rename: File:Salladhor Insignia.jpg to File:Salladhor Saan's Insignia.jpg

Rename: File:Queens Crown.jpg to File:Queen's Crown.jpg

Rename: File:Kings Crown.jpg to File:King's Crown.jpg

Rename: File:Child Forest.jpg to File:Child of the Forest.jpg

Rename: File:Father scales.jpg to File:The Father's Scales.jpg

Rename: File:Bran Builder Insignia.jpg to File:Bran the Builder's Mark.jpg

Rename: File:Queen Nymeria's Insignia Seal.jpg to File:Queen Nymeria's Insignia.jpg

Rename: File:Chainmail.jpg to File:Chain Mail.jpg


Images listed under clean up need their pages updated and the redirect ultimately removed.


These images have been renamed, all pages updated, and redirect removed.

Rename File:Jamie's Golden Hand.jpg to File:Jaime's Golden Hand.jpg

Rename File:Syrio Sword.jpg to File:Syrio Forel's Training Sword.jpg

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