How to add copyright info and categories to images:

UNDER CONSTRUCTION - Please be patient!

1. You need go to the image page:
Tip: Go to the item's page, then add File: in front of the name and .jpg behind.
Note: In some rare cases, images may be .png files.

2. Click Edit.

3. Generate the correct copyright template:

The template starts with:


followed by:

Note: The extension will usually be .jpg
Note: The file name used by DB may not match the name used on the wiki.

finish the template with:

Note: Leave out the "images" folder, unless it is the only folder name used.

The most common template you'll need is the one for items:


Example: the Adolescent Red Dragon image is located at To create the copyright template, you would need the following elements:

  • {{Gotaimage
  • |adolescent_dragon_red_statview.jpg
  • |folder=content/item}} (note that the "images" folder is ommited; the template will include that automatically).

Tip: enter the url in lowercase; drop any apostrophe-s if present; try leaving out words (e.g. Jorah Mormont's Armor is located at "jorah_armor_statview" not "jorah_mormont_armor_statview" nor "jorah_mormont's_armor_statview").

If you really can't find the URL: add the page to Category:Missing Copyright.

4. Add one of the following category templates:

Below is a selection of the most commonly used image categories. Only use one category template. Start at the top of the list, and work your way down until you find the applicable one. Images may be used for multiple purposes, but only need to be in one category.

Tip: To find the right category, look at the File page of a similar image to see how it was categorised, or ask on the wiki forums.


{{ImageCat|Body Item}}
{{ImageCat|Hand Item}}
Note: Units and Companions are not interchangeable! :P
Note: the token category is used for Spoils, which should be named [phase]_Token_[type].jpg


{{ImageCat|Opponent}} - opponents in quests/adventures
{{ImageCat|Sigil}} - images used in banner design


{{ImageCat|Alliance Banner}} - banners uploaded to Alliance pages
{{ImageCat|Building}} - buildings in holdings view
{{ImageCat|Building Upgrade}}
{{ImageCat|Deal}} - promotional images for deals and packs
{{ImageCat|Fan Art}}
{{ImageCat|World Banner}} - banner images starting with "World"
{{ImageCat|Tale Icons}}
{{ImageCat|Volume Icons}}
{{ImageCat|User}} - images uploaded to user pages

5. Almost done!

Click on Preview and click the source URL to make sure that you've generated the template correctly and the URL is correct. If it is, you're all finished and you just need to click Publish.

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