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Highborn Bastard

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Highborn bastard
Background Highborn Bastard Icon
"You were never really part of the noble’s world. Now you are legitimized, with a name and holdings of your own. Some may still look down on you, but you will show that birth is not the sole determinant of your future."


Battle Icon +1
Trade Icon +1
Intrigue Icon +1

Title: GuardianEdit

Grand defender

To gain the Guardian title you must unlock the Grand Defender Lineage achievement.
In one incarnation become a Guardian

Background Highborn Bastard Icon Highborn Bastard Background
Alignment Old Ways Icon High Old Ways Alignment
Alignment Truthful Icon High Truthful Alignment
Alignment Realm Icon High Realm Alignment

Guardian Title
Power Icon 10 Power


While a Highborn Bastard can have any Fealty the following provide complimentary bonuses:
Tully Icon House Tully, Trade Talents, Trade Fealty Building
Martell Icon House Martell, Intrigue Talents, Intrigue Fealty Building
Tyrell Icon House Tyrell, Trade Talents, Trade and Intrigue Fealty Building
Stark Icon House Stark, Battle Talents, Battle and Trade Fealty Building
Lannister Icon House Lannister, Trade Talents, Trade and Intrigue Fealty Building
Greyjoy Icon House Greyjoy, Battle Talents, Battle and Intrigue Fealty Building
Baratheon Icon House Baratheon, Battle Talents, Battle Fealty Building
Targaryen Icon House Targaryen, Intrigue Talents, Battle and Intrigue Fealty Building


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