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Hedge Knight

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Hedge Knight
Background Hedge Knight Icon
"A strong arm and a shield served you well, and perhaps it even would have been enough. Recent deeds have elevated your position, so you are given lands and responsibilities. Surely this couldn’t be harder than the life of an itinerant warrior."


Battle Icon +2
Intrigue Icon +1

Title: True KnightEdit

Knight of Stories
To gain the True Knight title you must unlock the Knight of Stories Lineage achievement. In one incarnation become the True Knight 


Background Hedge Knight Icon Hedge Knight Background
Alignment New Ways Icon High New Ways alignment
Alignment Truthful Icon High Truthful alignment
Alignment Realm Icon High Realm alignment

True Knight Title
Power Icon 10 Power


While a Hedge Knight can have any Fealty, the following provide complimentary bonuses:
Martell Icon House Martell, Intrigue Talents, Intrigue Fealty Building
Stark Icon House Stark, Battle Talents, Battle Fealty Building
Greyjoy Icon House Greyjoy, Battle Talents, Battle and Intrigue Fealty Building
Baratheon Icon House Baratheon , Battle Talents, Battle Fealty Building
Targaryen Icon House Targaryen , Intrigue Talents, Intrigue Fealty Building


  • As a Hedge Knight you will be able to select and switch between two titles: Lord/Lady or Ser.
  • Even if you Reincarnate you will still have the option to hold the title of Ser (even with a different Background)