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Hear Me Roar

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Hear me roar
                                                            "A Lannister always pays his debts"
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Who We Are

Hear Me Roar was created in February 2013 and quickly rose to be one of the dominant alliances in the game. Boasting numerous powerful players and many accolades, Hear Me Roar has a rich history of success as well as a strong community.

We are currently recruiting new members to join the den! Players from all around the realm are welcome, because no matter what house you are sworn to, we all agree: the Iron Throne is ours to hold and protect, the Targaryens had to be destroyed, and of course, the West Side is the Best Side.


We offer the same great benefits many alliances have, but here are some of the ways we stand out from the rest:

  • Are you not allowed to use your best talent, Fight or Swindle, because it might harm your camp? That won't happen to you here at HMR. Lannister/Baratheon is King, there is no denying it.
  • Are you being pressured to give it your all every single phase, or even worse, does your alliance never to try win anything? We alternate between competitive, prize-seeking phases and casual phases to give members a chance to reincarnate, craft, or support our friends as mercenaries.
  • Spending too much time on the farm? We have many powerful allies, but also plenty of enemies, so expect some fun and excitement in every phase.
  • Tired of waiting for officers to let you enter an alliance challenge? All members are able to start challenges here themselves, so long as you announce beforehand so we all know it's time to play.
  • No one to help you? We've got a great mix of people, from new players to some of the oldest in the game. Our facebook page is full of tips and helpful links. Learn from the best and you'll be the best.



Leader: Michael Parisi, Tygett Hill (click to send a friend request)


  • Andre Aguilar, Vance Rykken
  • Terri Gonzalez, Dany Tallheart
  • Michael Lagasse,  Aegon Evony
  • Neil Tyreman, Arturs Al'Thor
  • Suzanne Voyles, Ava Sandpiper

How to Join

Hear Me Roar is an invite only alliance. We seek daily players who enjoy playing AvA and competing for prizes with their alliance. Please send a friend request and a raven to the leader, Tygett Hill, if you are interested.

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