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Green on the Bough

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Green on the Bough is a City Quest that is part of the Smoke Clears storyline.

World Bottles and Potions


Green on the Bough

Ser Hugo opens his eyes to see Margaery Tyrell smiling at him. "I am so pleased you survived. King Joffrey will be pleased too--I am to be his wife."



Silver Icon +100-250

Reward Background
Common Boon
Iconview Silver Dark
Common Gem

Random Resource

Reward Card Sleeve


Ask what happened in the battle.

"One of Stannis' men struck you with his shield. The City Watch dispatched him before he could finish you, thank the gods."

Relish your time on the battlefield.

Ask if Margaery truly means to marry Joffrey.

The young woman smiles. "I mean to be queen. And I believe Stannis, Robb Stark, and Balon Greyjoy are already married.

Promise to protect Margaery from Joffrey


Demand wine and women.

Sworn Sword Actions



Alignment Truthful Icon Ser Hugo sighs. "I'd give an arm to be in a fight like that again." Margaery laughs. "You sound like Loras. Rest now--there will be another soon enough."
Alignment Realm Icon Ser Hugo frowns. "I hear the  boy's a taste for blood--" Margaery puts a hand on his chest. "I am learning Joffrey's tastes. Now rest.
Alignment Cunning Icon Ser Hugo sits up groggily. "A cask and a lady would set me right again." Margaery smiles and beckons a fetching thing with a glass forward.

Volume III Icon Quest Boss Icon

Storyline Next Quest
The Smoke Clears - I - To Kill an Imp
Volume III

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