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Green Fork

The Green Fork is one of the arms forming the river Trident, located in the northern Riverlands. It rises in the Neck and runs through fertile valleys and green woodlands.

Adventures in the Green Fork regionEdit

Volume I Icon Survey Bridge Site
Volume II Icon Repair Riverside Trails (Night)
Volume III Icon Track Forest Bandits (Night)
Volume IV Icon Support Brotherhood Moves
Volume IV Icon Bolster Riverrun Defenses


Ruby Ford

a crossing of the Green Fork of the Trident in the Riverlands. It is so named for the rubies that were knocked from Prince Rhaegar Targaryen's breastplate during Robert's Rebellion. A large, three-story inn with pale stone walls lies near the ford.
The Twins

also known as the Crossing, it is the seat of House Frey. It is a fortified crossing of the Green Fork of the Trident and consists of two identical castles and a tower in the middle of their bridge.

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