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Greatjon Umber

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Greatjon Umber
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Jon Umber is the head of House Umber, a loyal house to the Starks of Winterfell. Jon Umber is a large man, nearly seven feet tall. He is heavily muscled and is a formidable warrior.At a begining he challenged the Young wolf's authority cause of his early age but after an encounter with Grey Wind,he remained loyal to the stark cause.

Greatjon Umber by amoka

During the war of the five kings he fought in the battles of the Whispering Wood and Oxcross being one of the Stark's commanders.His uncles Mors "Crowfood" and Hother Whoresbane rule Last Hearth on his absence.After the Red Wedding he becames a captive of the Lannister's forces.On the show he is presumably dead.

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