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Golden Tooth

The Golden Tooth (commonly known as 'the Tooth') is a stronghold in the Westerlands. It guards the one large pass through the mountains that allows direct travel between the Westerlands and the Riverlands to the west. It is generally held that in order to attack the Westerlands from the east, one must take the Golden Tooth to have a secure passage. It is the seat of House Lefford. The gold from the Golden Tooth helped establish House Lannister as one of the richest houses in Westeros.

Adventures at the Golden ToothEdit

Volume I Icon Clear the Mountain Pass
Volume I Icon Save the Trapped Miners
Volume III Icon Build a New Milegate (Day)
Volume IV Icon Remove Disloyal Commander
Volume IV Icon Watch for Infiltrators



the stronghold of House Marbrand located near Golden Tooth.

a stronghold located south of the Golden Tooth.

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