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Foul Play

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Foul Play is a City Quest that is part of the Winter is Coming storyline.

World Winterfell


Foul Play

Kirth finds Maester Luwin burning an empty box. "A letter came for Lady Catelyn from her sister," he says. "It claimed the queen murdered Jon Arryn."



Silver Icon + 100-250

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Common Boon
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Common Gem

Random Resource

Reward Card Sleeve


This note is dangerous. Probe the maester to learn who else knows of the note's contents.

"The secret is safe," Luwin assured Kirth. "Only Lord Stark, Lady Catelyn, and myself saw the note. Lady Catelyn burned the message after reading it."

Urge the maester to keep the secret to himself, if only to protect the Starks.

Suggest that Lady Catelyn's sister may be crazed with grief, prompting this accusation.

Maester Luwin shakes his head in sorrow. "Lord Stark wished for the same reality, but Lady Catelyn insisted he sister wrote with a sound mind."

One must have evidence to accuse a queen of murder. Tell the maester to search for leads.


Press Maester Luwin to take this accusation before the king.

Sworn Sword Actions



Alignment Family Icon "The queen will see someone's head roll if word gets out," Kirth says. "Try not to tell anyone else." Luwin nods in a daze and watches the box burn.
Alignment Cunning Icon Kirth kicks the fiery box. "One letter alone won't condemn the queen." Luwin whispers, "Lord Stark plans to find proof. Only then, will he expose the queen."
Alignment Truthful Icon "King Robert must be told," Kirth says, turning to go. Luwin grabs the minstrel's arm. "Not yet. Lord Stark seeks proof. Only then, will he inform the king."

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