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Fostering Strife

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Fostering Strife is a City Quest that is part of the Wicked Seed storyline.

World Lonely Tower


Fostering Strife

"Caiden has been brought back again, my [lady/lord], but we must discuss this arrangement. It's clear that he has a problem with our authority."



Silver Icon +100-250

Reward Background
Common Boon
Iconview Silver Dark
Common Gem

Random Resource

Reward Card Sleeve


"His father won't allow us to send him to the Wall. What do you think we should do?"

"There remains the idea of sending Caiden to the Whitespire Sept, where Sept Thrack will break him of all mischief. Unpleasent, but perhaps necessary."

"We will send ravens to his father and to Whitespire Sept, explaining the problem."

"What alternatives are there to sending him away, Groat?"

"If he goes to Whitespire Sept, we lose the coin his father was sending us to maintain him. Perhaps we could draw this out a bit?"

"We shall squeeze out another month's worth of supporting coin from Caiden's father."

"Do you concur with the plan to send him to Whitespire Sept, Eleanor?"

"Septon Thrack will break him or kill him in the attempt. I wouldn't wish that on anyone. Give me leave to try again with him, my [lady/lord]."

"Use any and all means to instill discipline in the boy, Septa Eleanor."

Sworn Sword Actions



Alignment Truthful IconAlignment Cunning IconAlignment New Ways Icon Your advisors leave your great hall, and you wonder privately if you are doing the best thing for Caiden.

Quest Sworn Sword Icon Volume You Icon Quest Boss Icon

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The Big Exit - The Wicked Seed - VI - Beating the Thicket
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