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Flushing Out the Owl

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Flushing Out the Owl is a Sworn Sword Quest that is part of the Spy in the Shadows storyline.

World Brothel

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Flushing Out the Owl

Groat cracks his knuckles. "We have successfully interrogated the merchant, my [lord/lady]. Garin knew only that the spy in your ranks is called the 'Owl'."


"Does the alias 'Owl' mean anything to you, Groat?"

"They're common enough creatures of the night," Groat offers through pursed lips. "Perhaps our spy shares the owl's affinity for darkness."

"Then we will purge the shadows and drive the 'Owl' into the light."

"How would you flush this 'Owl' from hiding, Rona?"

"Double-agents, blackmail, a discrete investigation. But these methods take time," Rona warns. "The spy will likely disappear if we don't act soon."

"The Owl's information will bring dishonor to my house. They must be found at once."

All Alignment Quests

Whichever option you select, the following Sworn Sword Quest will activate: Alignment Cunning IconAlignment Family Icon


Item Card

Hooded Horseman

Item Border Silver

Common Gem

Battle Icon 2 48
Trade Icon 2 48
Intrigue Icon 2 48


A spy within your holdings



Spy Your sworn sword scoured the streets in search of the spy and found a lead. Soon after, Myra the "Owl" was captured in the brothel where she worked.
Fight Your sworn sword assaulted notorious brigands until one mentioned the spy's name. Soon after, Myra the "Owl" was captured in the brothel where she worked.
Barter Your sworn sword posted a bounty and received a tip from a starving street urchin. Soon after, Myra the "Owl" was captured in the brothel where she works.
Sabotage Your sworn sword spread lies that the Owl was murdering civilians. A fearful whore informed on Myra the "Owl," a fellow prostitute, who was quickly arrested.
Bribe Your sworn sword paid known criminals and received several tips on a notorious spy. Soon after, Myra the "Owl" was captured in the brothel where she worked.
Harass Your sworn sword severs the flow of information from your court. When a prostitute began probing for details, she was arrested and revealed to be the "Owl."


The "Owl" proved far too swift-footed for [Your Sworn Sword]. Perhaps another attempt to apprehend the spy? (Must Retry; +1 Wound)

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