First Impressions

"My [lady/lord], I want to make it clear I have no interest in your past. Who you were... what you sold... these are your secrets to keep."



Silver Icon +150

Reward Background
Leather Armor
Iconview Silver Dark
Common Gem

Tough Shirt

Reward Card Sleeve


"What exactly do you know of my past?"

"Only that you were once a successful merchant. As for your trade... that I do not know."

"My past could ruin my family. You must keep your promise, for their sake."

"What does a young man like you know of secrets?"

The maester smiles. "So said the elder men who forged their chains after mine. Perhaps we both have hidden talents."

"I appreciate your discretion, maester. I would appreciate your counsel as well."


"I made many enemies in my trade. I only escaped them through King Robert's generosity."

Sworn Sword Actions



The maester nods. "I will do everything I can to make [Your House] great. Defense next, I think. Ser Hugo is itching to find some new swords."

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