First Impressions

"Great houses can be forged through war, but they are more often bought with coin. It will be a pleasure to serve the calmer head of a merchant."



Silver Icon +150

Reward Background
Leather Armor
Iconview Silver Dark
Common Gem

Tough Shirt

Reward Card Sleeve


"What do you know of my days in the markets?"

"That you have earned a great deal of coin for the Iron Throne--and King Robert would do well to remember it."

"The King owes me nothing. It is my duty to serve him."

"You're too young to have served many other heads, aren't you?"

The maester smiles. "They say a good wine ages, it becomes more valuable. Consider me a good investment, my [lady/lord]."

"I paid nothing for you, maester. Give me wise counsel, and I will consider it a bargain."


"I have made poor men rich and rich men richer. It's time my family received their due."

Sworn Sword Actions



The maester nods. "I will do everything I can to make [Your House] great. Defense next, I think. Ser Hugo is itching to find some new swords."

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