First Impressions

"You and Ser Hugo understand each other--no doubt due to your shared past as knights. With such strength, your house will never be unprotected."



Silver Icon +150

Reward Background
Leather Armor
Iconview Silver Dark
Common Gem

Tough Shirt

Reward Card Sleeve


"What do you know of my service as a knight?"

"The highest names in the land have praised your skill with a blade and your courtly manners. Which will serve you best in Westeros, I cannot say."

"My swords may fight for me now, but it is my name I want on the King's lips."

"I see Ser Hugo's value--but I am still wondering about yours."

The maester smiles. "Maesters are thought of to be knights of the mind. I have been training for this day all my life."

"Young or old, you are a veteran of the Citadel, and I am lucky to have your counsel."


"I became a knight to protect my family. Even as a noble, I will protect them still."


The maester nods. "I will do everything I can to make House [Your Name] great. Defense next, I think. Ser Hugo is itching to find some new swords."

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