First Impressions

"You seem well at ease with your new position, my [lord/lady]. Being fostered in another house has clearly taught you much about nobility."



Silver Icon +150

Reward Background
Leather Armor
Iconview Silver Dark
Common Gem

Tough Shirt

Reward Card Sleeve


"Do you know how I came to be fostered?"

"Many fosterlings are not more than hostages with better cells. But I hear the arrangement between your parents was quite civil."

"My foster family treated me well. I owe all of this to them."

"What does a young man like you know of fostering or nobility?"

The maester smiles patiently. "I entered the Citadel young enough to consider it a sort of fostering. Like you, I am well-prepared for my office."

"You certainly sound like a maester. We'll see if you advise like one too."


"Even under another's roof, my loyalty has always been to the Iron Throne."

Sworn Sword Actions



The maester nods. "I will do everything I can to make [Your House] great. Defense next, I think. Ser Hugo is itching to find some new swords."

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