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Fire and Blood'

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Fire and Blood

The Official Targaryen Alliance of Game of Thrones Ascent

About Fire and Blood'

  Fire and Blood', the Original and Official Targaryen Alliance, was formed on Feburary 15, 2013 just after Game of Thrones Ascent went live. 

With the addition of Alliance vs Alliance competitions in October 2013, the leadership of Fire and Blood decided upon a change of direction in order to remain competitve in the new arena.  In November, after the Harvest Phase (2nd phase of AvA), the FIre and Blood council elected Rhaenys Blackfyre as the new leader.  Rhaenys' singular dedication, background as an officer in Knights of the Dragon Queen, and experience as a Gold Cloak made her uniquely qualified for the position.  Many members of KotDQ decided to follow Rhaenys in her move to Fire and Blood.  

Immediately after the restructring, Fire and Blood surprised the naysayers and won the Ghost phase by a large margin. Fire and Blood continues to be a major player in AvA combat with 2 Overall wins, and 6 regional wins to date. 

Alliance Features

  • Competitive in Alliance vs Alliance
  • Regular Alliance Challenges, structured for more equitable distribution of rewards.
  • Separate Forum and Chat for members
  • Subforums with helpful guides for Reincarnation, Crafting, Buidling Strength and more.
  • Team Oriented, Supportive and an atmosphere for players to learn and grow.  
  • Help for those trying to hatch or quicken their Dragon Egg . 
  • Targaryen Fealty but open to all houses

Alliance vs Alliance Achievements




  • Ambassador Arwen Dayne

How to Join

  • Join our facebook group The Dragon's Gate to fill out an application to join.  

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