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A type of Battle Action, and the favoured Action of House Baratheon.

The fighting strength of your Sworn Swords' performing Fight Actions equals your Player Character's Battle Stat (including Buildings and Equipment) and their own training and Equipment. Any percentile bonuses (e.g., from Talents) for attacks or defense are then applied to the total score.

Fight in Adventures and Quests

Fight is always an option in Adventures and often one in Quests.

Fight in Player to Player

main article: Player to Player Actions

Fight is a hostile Action. Fight Actions in PtP will take Silver from your target (if they have more than the Protected amount) and add it to your own. It also has the potential to wound a Defending Sworn Sword on Patrol.

Hints and Tips

  • Use Fight Actions on enemy Players if Fight is your primary attack substat. Be ready for retaliation
  • If you don't want retaliation, match every Fight Action with a Barter Action

Fight in Alliance vs Alliance

main article: Alliance Vs Alliance Actions

A successful Fight Action in Alliance Vs Alliance (AvA) will wound a defending Sworn Sword and damage the enemy Camp by 2%. An enemy's Camp will be damaged whether the Defending Garrison has been eliminated or not.

Depending on the level of the camp that you are attacking, and what your camps level is, the Victory Points per hit change.  View the amounts released by Disruptor Beam here .  

Hints and Tips

  • Send multiple Fight Actions all at the same time. Don't split up your Actions between Fight and (for example) Harass, as the different actions will target different defenders and you won't damage the Camp (however, if you want to completely wipe out a defending Garrisson, then breaking up your Actions is a good way to do it).

Buildings and Upgrades

Should you wish to play a character that specialises in Fight, the following Buildings and Building Upgrades may be of interest to you.


Smithy Furnace Upgrade
Furnace: increased chance of improved results when producing Battle Weapons
Smithy Molten Metal Upgrade
Molten Metal: spend less Silver Icon to produce Battle Weapons
Smithy Bellows Upgrade
Bellows: faster production of Battle Armor
Smithy Weapon Rack Upgrade
Weapon Rack: Bonus to Battle when attacking
Smithy Horseshoes Upgrade
Gold Icon Horsesho​es: faster Battle attacks


Holdfast Palisades Upgrade
Palisade: increased chance of improved results when producing Battle Armor
Holdfast Portcullis Upgrade
Portcullis: faster production of Battle Armor
Holdfast Crenelations Upgrade
Crenelations: Bonus to Battle when defending

Practice Yard

Practice Yard Wooden Swords Upgrade
Wooden Sword: increased chance of improved results when producing Battle Units
Practice Yard Armor Padding Upgrade
Armor Padding: spend less Silver Icon to produce Battle Units
Practice Yard Target Range Upgrade
Target Range: spend less Silver Icon to produce Battle Units
Practice Yard Practice Dummies Upgrade
Practice Dummies: faster production of Battle Units


Armory Hauberk Upgrade
Mail Shirt: spend less Silver Icon to produce Battle Weapons

Fight Troops and Items

Weapons that give a bonus to Battle or Fight;

Weapons Armour Units Companions Boons

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