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Facebook is a platform through which you can play Game of Thrones Ascent.

To play, go to:



PtP Notifications

If you haven't disabled notifications from the App (in your App Settings of your Account Settings), Facebook will alert you whenever you have an incoming PtP action from another player.

Buy Gold with Facebook Credits

If you don't want to hook up your PayPal account and you don't want to use your credit card, Facebook Credits are a great way to get Gold.

Plus, sometimes Game Stores will have specials on Facebook Credits, meaning that you can get even more gold for less money than usual.


You can chat with your Facebook Friends that are playing while you play GoTA. If you belong to an Alliance and your Alliance has a Facebook Group for their Alliance, your Alliance can create a chat for everyone that belongs to the Alliance's Facebook Group. This means that your alliance members can chat with each other during an Alliance Challenge without having to Friend everyone in Facebook. 


Even with Adblock you will still get the right side of the screen taken up with Facebook Ads.

And if you don't have Adblock, then you you'll get even more Ads.

White Walkers

If any of your Facebook Friends play the game and then stop playing, there is no way to remove them from your game. They will forever clog up your list when you send Daily Boons and invitations to Boss Quests.


DisruptorBeam uses your Facebook name and avatar, displaying them to other players of the game, even if they play on other platforms. You cannot disconnect your Facebook account by blocking the app, and must email in order to have your information removed.

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