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Emissary to the Crown

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Emissary to the Crown is a City Quest that is part of the March of King Robert storyline.

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Emissary to the Crown

Ser Hugo eyes Kirth, who sings a bawdy song. "King Robert rides for Winterfell," Flint says. "Your cousin's company would remind him of your loyalty."



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"What do you say to joining the king's traveling party, Kirth?"

Kirth breaks a string on his lyre. "Very well," he says. "I'll suffer the revelry of the king's grand processional. But only for you, dear cousin."

"Join the royal traveling party, and prove your commitment to our reforged friendship."

"Groat, do you think it wise to send my minstrel cousin to the king's side?"

Groat watches Kirth act out his crude song. "Bards blend into the shadows, my [lady/lord]. Kirth could spy on the inner workings of the royal court."

"Kirth, rally with the king on the road to Winterfell. Report any news back to me."


"Cousin Kirth, ride forth and serve our king with respect befitting his crown."

Sworn Sword Actions



Kirth bows with a flourish. "I will set out at once, my cousin. I wouldn't dare keep the king, nor his royal concubines, waiting."

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March of King Robert - I - The King's Procession
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