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Your second daughter, whom you can betroth to marry the son of another (player's) noble.

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Detailed Character Info


This page contains detailed information about Ella as obtained and inferred through quests. It is organized by volume, and the quest(s) where the information was obtained is linked. If the quest was fealty-specific, that is noted as well.

Feel free to add new information as you find it!

If you have not played through all of the volumes, this post will contain spoilers.


Prologue Icon Prologue Prologue Icon
Ella is not featured in this volume.

Volume I Icon Volume I Volume I Icon
Ella is not featured in this volume.

Volume II Icon Volume II Volume II Icon
Ella is not featured in this volume.

Volume III Icon Volume III Volume III Icon
Ella is not featured in this volume.

Volume You Icon Volume You Volume You Icon
Ella is not featured in this volume.

Volume IV Icon Volume IV Volume IV Icon
Ella is not featured in this volume.

Forging Bonds Icon Forging Bonds Forging Bonds Icon
  • Ella is thirteen years old at the start of the Forging Bonds volume. Family Bonds
  • She is defiant and forceful, suggesting you fight Lady Chernoff and throw out the magistrate hearing the claims. Family Bonds
  • She develops a crush on Jorgen Chernoff and acts in a way that would embarrass your house. An Embarassment
  • Growing up, Ella was bright-eyed and curious, and she was jealous of Jon learning how to fence while she sewed. Why Not Me?
  • She is shocked by Jon's relationship with Eutimio, if you follow the romance path. Still Looking
  • By the time Jon returns from Braavos, Ella is fourteen. Still Looking
  • Ella is uncomfortable with your decision to send Jorgen on a suicide mission; she doesn't think being a lord should always mean killing. Protecting Your Futures
  • After atoning for her actions with Jorgen, she felt a connection with your religion and believes she has been called to serve. A Divine Crusade
  • Ella is headstrong in that once she latches onto something, she goes after it no matter what's in her way. Anything Foolish
  • Ella asks permission for Oskar to stay in your holdings as her teacher and student; the people want them to teach her about your god(s) and she feels Oskar can help her. Guidance
  • She never paid any attention to religion growing up and doesn't know any prayers. Called to Serve
  • She has a charisma that makes people follow her, and Rona believes your other children could not have turned Tarryl's army against him. A Leader Born
  • Septa Eleanor does not believe Ella has the temperament for a scholarly life because she has too much of you in her. A Leader Born
  • Ella believes your smallfolk are your family, and everyone has a role to play. Lady of These Lands
  • She doesn't know if her religious devotion will prevent her from ruling. She loves your holdings and feels she would be a good lady, but her duty to the gods comes first. Lady of These Lands
  • If you do not choose Ella as your heir, she will joke that she's been jealous of her siblings all of her life, so she's unlikely to start now. Jayne (Vol FB), Jon (Vol FB)
  • If you choose Ella as your heir, she says she will keep a place for Jon in her council because he won't hesitate to tell her when she's being foolish. Ella (Vol FB)
  • If you choose Ella as your heir, she will tell you that she is not ready to marry or even discuss marriage. A Man Beside You

Volume V Icon Volume V Volume V Icon
No new information is obtained.

Breaking Ties Icon Breaking Ties Breaking Ties Icon
  • Ella throws her arms around you when you finally come to. You're Alive
  • She believes you experienced a true seeing while you were unconscious. No Normal Illness
  • She must force herself to be considerate of Odette's arrival and agrees that bastards have a hard life. If your character is female, she mentions that she hates that Odette makes you remember what happened to you. She also stands up to you if you insult her and Jon's lack of martial prowess. Our Bastard Sister

Quest Bonus Icon Other Quests Quest Bonus Icon
No new information is obtained.

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