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Talisa's Writing Pad


Data collections and utilities from the Disruptor Beam forums and elsewhere.

Simchajra's Adventures Google Doc
Jurevicus' GoTA guides
Items List

Editorial Images

Icons and other images useful when adding data to pages.



To set the correct gem on a template, call the class "rarity_****" where **** = common, uncommon, rare, legendary or peerless. For example, <div class="rarity_legendary"></div> gives:


Item Types






House Carving Images

Various Icons


Headers & Backrounds

Searching for duplicate images

If you think there might be a duplicate of a file you can use these to search:

Create a Manual Redirect with #Redirect [ [new file name] ]


Links to the latest versions of important templates. MediaWiki:Editor-template-list

You can now create sortable tables by adding the sortable class option. eg. class="article-table sortable" Please note that class="article-table" has issues when used with certain templates.

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