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Eastern Waters
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Eastern Waters

The term Eastern Waters may refer to the seas east of Westeros, particularly the Narrow Sea which is between Westeros and Essos, but also the Shivering Sea, the Summer Sea and the Jade Sea.

Adventures on the Eastern WatersEdit

Volume II IconFind the Drowned Treasure (Day)
Volume II IconEscort the Merchant Ships
Volume III Icon Save the Drowning Slaves (Night)
Volume III Icon Find the Bannerman's Daughter (Night)


The Cinnamon Straits

a strait that separate Great Moraq from several islands to the south and west. Along with the Straits of Qarth north of Great Moraq, the Cinnamon Straits divide the Summer Sea and the Jade Sea. Vahar and Lesser Moraq are to the northwest of the Straits, while the Isle of Elephants is to the southeast.
The Indigo Straits

a body of water in the Summer Islands. It separates the islands of of Omboru, to the north, from Jhala, to the south.
The Saffron Straits

the eastern exit of the Jade Sea, dividing Essos and Ulthos. The city of Asshai is at its northwestern entrance. North of the straits are the Shadow Lands, while Ulthos is to the south. The island of Ulos is to the east.
The Coast
Basilisk Point

a peninsula on the northern coast of the continent of Sothoros. The Isle of Tears lies to the east of the point, while Naath lies to the west. To the north are the Basilisk Isles.
The Bay of Whales

a bay off the Shivering Sea on the southwestern coast of Ibben. Several smaller islands of Ibben are located in the bay.
The Black Cliffs

a series of cliffs that are situated on the northwest coast of Slaver's Bay, south of the Painted Mountains. They lie between Tolos and the ruined city of Bhorash, south of the Demon Road.
The Ghiscari Strait

a strait between the southern coast of the eastern continent in the Ghiscar region and the island of Ghaen. It flows from the Gulf of Grief into the Summer Sea.
The Gulf of Grief

a large gulf that is fed by Slaver's Bay off the southern coast of the eastern continent and in turn empties into the Summer Sea even further to the south. Along its western shore are the remnants of Valyria and along its eastern shore is the ruined city of Old Ghis.
Leviathan Sound

a large bay of the Shivering Sea off the coast of northern Essos. It contains a few islands. The Howling Hills are to the southwest and the Plains of the Jogos Nhai are to the south.
Lorath Bay

a large bay on the northwestern coast of the eastern continent. Around the southern edge of the bay lies the Hills of Norvos. The free city of Lorath sits at the mouth of the bay on an island. The bay opens out into the Shivering Sea.
Omber Peninsula

a peninsular region of northern Essos jutting into the Shivering Sea, with the Bay of Tusks along its eastern coast. Omber Peninsula is northeast of the Kingdom of Sarnor and west of the Kingdoms of the Ifeqevron.
Wyvern Point

a peninsula located in eastern Sothoros. It is covered in dense jungle and contains the ruined city of Gorosh.
Dagger Lake

a large lake that is formed by the confluence of the Rhoyne River and the Qhoyne in western Essos. At Dagger Lake the Qhoyne comes rushing in, full of gold, amber, and pine-cones from the Forest of Qohor. Northeast of Dagger lake are the ruins of Ar Noy. Dagger Lake is full of islands where pirates lurk in hidden caves and secret strongholds.
The Womb of the World

a large lake that lies near Vaes Dothrak. It is a holy place to the Dothraki people. It is reported that the lake has no bottom. A river runs from the lake north through the Kingdoms of the Ifeqevron to the Shivering Sea.
The Lhorulu

a river in western Essos. Its headwaters begin south of the Flatlands and the river flows southeast into the Rhoyne River.
The Noyne

a river in northwestern Essos. Its headwaters lie in the Hills of Norvos and it flows south into the Rhoyne River at the ruins of Ny Sar. The Free City of Norvos sits along its banks.
The Qhoyne

a river in northwestern Essos. Its headwaters lie in the Forest of Qohor, where it runs through Qohor. It then flows southwest past the forest and meets its tributary just north of the ruined city of Ar Noy. The Qhoyne then continues southwest past Ar Noy and meets the Rhoyne River.
The Rhoyne River

one of the main rivers of the eastern continent, Essos. It is said the southern Rhoyne becomes so wide that someone in its centre cannot see its shores.
The Skahazadhan

a major river of Essos. It begins in the southeastern Dothraki Sea and flows southwest through Meereen into Slaver's Bay. South of the river are Lhazar and the Red Waste. The Skahazadhan is a slow river with brown water.
Sweet Lotus Vale

a settled river valley located in southwestern Jhala. The city of Ebonhead is located at its mouth.
The Volaena

a river in western Essos. It is the final tributary of the Rhoyne River before it reaches the Summer Sea. It lies to the northeast of Volantis and reaches the Rhoyne River between Volantis and Volon Therys.
The Worm River

a river in Essos. Its headwaters begin in the hills near Ghiscar and its mouth lies next to Astapor, where it flows into Slaver's Bay. It has many bends. At dusk Astapori pleasure barges sail up and down the river, playing soft music and calling at little islands for food, wine and other delights.
The Bleeding Sea

a sea that lies in eastern Essos, along the southeastern border of the Plains of the Jogos Nhai and south of N'Ghai. It is also east of the Shrinking Sea. The Five Forts stretch along the southeastern tip of the sea. The Land of the Shrykes is on the eastern side of the Bleeding Sea, as well as the city of K'Dath. The Cannibal Sands lie at the northwestern edge of the sea.
The Hidden Sea

a sea nestled in the southeastern stretches of the Mountains of the Morn in far eastern Essos. The City of the Winged Men is located along the northwestern shore of the Hidden Sea, while Carcosa is situated at the southeastern corner. Southwest of the Hidden Sea are the Shadow Lands.
The Jade Sea

a large body of water located in the far east of the explored world, beyond the Straits of Qarth, which separate it from the Summer Sea. There is a traders' route that carries sea-traders around the Jade Sea. It takes roughly two years to travel from Pentos to the Jade Sea and back.
The Narrow Sea

the sea between the continent of Westeros and the eastern continent of Essos. The sea is relatively narrow and easy to cross, but large enough to make large-scale invasions and military incursions between the Seven Kingdoms and the Free Cities difficult.
The Poison Sea

a large inland sea at the northeastern edges of the Red Waste. The ruined city of Adakhakileki lies at the northern tip of the sea. Northeast of the sea is Vaes Jini and the Stone Road. Many leagues south of the Poison Sea lies Qarth.
The Sea of Myrth

a large sea that is situated along the western coast of Essos. To the north lies the Flatlands, the south the Disputed Lands and to the west, the Narrow Sea. Myr sits along its eastern shore.
The Shrinking Sea

situated in eastern Essos. It lies east of the Great Sand Sea, north of Yi Ti, and south of the Plains of the Jogos Nhai.
The Sea of Sighs

an inland sea on the eastern continent. It lies south of the Painted Mountains and north of the Lands of the Long Summer. At its northern tip sits the city of Mantarys.
The Shivering Sea

a sea that lies north of the eastern continent, Essos. The Narrow Sea flows into it. The island of Ibben can be found within it.
The Smiling Sea

a body of water in the Summer Islands. It separates the islands of Walano, to the North, from Omboru, to the south and east. In its center is the Isle of Birds, that is south of Tall Trees Town. The island of Koj separates it from the Summer Sea on the west.
The Smoking Sea

the area of water where the Valyrian Penninsula once existed.
The Summer Sea

a body of water located south of Dorne. It stretches eastward from Westeros around the southern coast of Essos and the northern coast of Sothoros. West of the Summer Sea is the Sunset Sea. Just east of Dorne, the Summer Sea is separated from the Narrow Sea to the north by the island chain known as the Stepstones. South of Westeros and the Stepstones are the Summer Islands. East of the Summer Islands are Naath, Sothoros, and the Basilisk Isles.

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