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The Eastern Road, also called the High Road, a pass through the Mountains of the Moon to the Bloody Gate and on to the Eyrie in the Vale. West of the Mountains of the Moon, the road meets the Inn at the Crossroads in the Riverlands, where it connects with the River Road running west and the Kingsroad running north and south.

Featured InEdit

Volume I Icon Inn at the Crossroads
Volume I Icon Cradle of the Vale


Mountains of the Moon

a series of mountains that border the Vale to the west. Rock slides are common and the mountains are inhabited by the Mountain Clans. The Eastern Road from the Inn at the Crossroads passes through the mountains.
The Inn at the Crossroads

also known as the Crossroads Inn, is an inn that lies at the crossroads between the Kingsroad running north-south, the River Road west to the Riverlands, and the High Road east to the Vale. It is sometimes called the Old Inn. The inn sits to the north of the Trident. It is run by Masha Heddle.

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