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Dragonlords of Westeros

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Dedicated to having fun with the game and burning them all.


We are a small, tight knit group of GoTA players from all over the planet who enjoy the game, working together and off topic discussion. The Dragonlords of Westeros Alliance was created by Achilles following an all night dingo hunt held in celebration after essentially winning the Rugby World Championship single handed. During the hunt, Achilles found a sombrero and the next morning used it as a pillow for a great slumber where a dream told him to create DoW. We are dedicated to having fun and recognize that the meaning is different for every player so we work together to make that happen.

DoW is a team of elite players who want to help you achieve as much success as your ambition demands. In our early days we had about a third to a half of the top 30 in the whole game, and all of us were interested in freedom of expression and mutual success more than personal success despite those high rankings. We are awesome and we want you to be awesome too. Naturally, we only take you if we feel you will fit, but then we afford you respect and expect you to live up to the trust placed in you.

Potent Notables

  • Established 23 July 2013
  • 91 Members
  • 60+ Active AvA participants
  • 5.5 Million Alliance Power (7th overall)
  • Alliance vs. Alliance Record:
    • Owl - 1st Overall
    • Harvest - 1st in Iron Islands
    • Ghost - 1st in Iron Islands
    • Ice - 1st in Riverlands
    • Eel - Destruction
    • Eel Shock - 2nd Overall
    • Thunder - 1st in Riverlands
    • Bat - 1st in Dorne
    • Iron Bank - 1st in Dorne
    • The Long Night - 1st in Stormlands
    • Valyrian - 2nd in Westerlands
    • Hunter - 1st in Iron Island
    • Mourning - First in Reach
    • Crow - 2nd overall <100
    • Terror - 2nd overall <100
  • As of July 18 2015: 49 Dragonlords with total number of 5 Adolescent, 77 Young, and 47 Baby Dragons
  • 9 top 100 players
  • Ser Gregor 3 times winner of Tales
  • Demonstrated strategy, experience, mentoring and support

How to Join

Visit our meet and greet Facebook page today!

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