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Dormant Dragon Egg

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Hand Icon Lg
Body Icon
Companion Icon
Seal Icon
Tactics Icon Dark
Boons Icon Lg
Food Icon Lg
Resource Icon
Shop Icon Silver Dark
Item Card Gold

Dormant Dragon Egg

Item Border Gold

Peerless Gem

Battle Icon 2 26
Trade Icon 2 26
Intrigue Icon 2 26
Companion Icon Companion


Seal Add Icon
Seal Add Icon
Seal Lock Icon
Seal Lock Icon
Seal Lock Icon
Seal Lock Icon

1% faster completion of all Quests and Adventures, 1% more Silver Icon from Quests, Adventures, and PtP, Permanent
A dragon egg, now turned to stone

Main article: Quickening the Dragon Egg

This item is essential to produce a Dragon Companion; the most powerful Companions in the game;


Used to Craft

Live Dragon Egg
Silver Icon 5000
Time Icon 1d 12h
Live Dragon Egg
Iconview Gold

Resource Icon Sleeve
Building Icon Alchemists' Guild
Upgrade Icon Fresh Wildfire
Battle Icon 2 34 +2% to all attacks, +2% to all defense, 3% faster...
Trade Icon 2 34
Intrigue Icon 2 34
Companion Icon Companion
Required Resources
Dormant Dragon Egg
Iconview Gold

Resource Icon Sleeve
Iconview Gold

Resource Icon Sleeve
Iconview Silver Dark

Resource Icon Sleeve
1 Dormant Dragon Egg 1 Offering 7 Incense

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