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Dormant Dragon Egg

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Item Card Gold
Dormant Dragon Egg

Dormant Dragon Egg

Item Border Gold

Peerless Gem

Battle Icon 2 26
Trade Icon 2 26
Intrigue Icon 2 26
Companion Icon Companion


Seal Add Icon
Seal Add Icon
Seal Lock Icon
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Seal Lock Icon
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Complete Quests and Adventures 1% faster, Quests, Adventures, and Player-to-Player provide 1% more silver, Permanent
A dragon egg, now turned to stone


This item is Permanent and will remain in the player's possession even after Reincarnation until it is quickened.



Main article: Quickening the Dragon Egg

This item can be transformed into a Dragon Egg and with much luck into a Baby Dragon, a much more powerful companion in a two-stage process that requires substantial effort and with only a tiny chance of success.

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