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The Domus Draconus alliance was formed June 9th, 2013 by Kongregate user Seeroy. In GoT:A Seeroy goes by the name Artos Darke (click to friend :D ). Domus Draconus was, at first, to be a free-spirited attempt to see what alliance leadership was like in GoT:A, after Artos had been a member of the Kong's Landing alliance for the first few days after joining the game and was quite confused.

What began as an experiment turned into something much greater. Seeroy began to recruit others. Some came on their own. Some were forced into joining, like Seeroy's girlfriend. Most probably joined because of recruitment messages peppered around Kongregate and other places. And some just saw the alliance name and were all like "Oooh....DRAGONS!" The latter bunch is really the taget democraphic of Domus Draconus.


Jumping off that last thought, the primary purpose of Domus Draconus is to have fun. Domus Draconus of course seeks fame and fortune in the long run, Domus Draconus is currently under the leadership of Alice Manwoody The Sly.

The broader goal of Domus Draconus is to create a large and vibrant community forum . This project is currently underway

By the NumbersEdit

As of August 4th, 2013, Domus Draconus has:

  • 344 Members
  • 4990 "Alliance Power"
  • 82nd Overall alliance rank
  • 1 easy to use forum
  • And a whole bunch of awesome members!

Join us!Edit active forum...and Dragons!?!! What's not to love. :D Join us! All are welcome in the House of Dragons.

To join us on Kongregate, click here

To join us on Facebook, click here

Happy questing!

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