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Direwolves Rising Alliance

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Upholding Stark values of honor, loyalty, courage, cooperation, and preparedness...after all, Winter is Coming.

While we may be Stark sympathizers at heart, we are open to any fealty. We welcome reincarnators and people advancing in a single fealty equally. We're open to players of any level/experience. We seek to foster a positive environment of teamwork and cooperation to enhance the gaming experience. While our emphasis is on having a fun experience, we do wish to be reasonably competitive and to increase our alliance ranking.

What's Expected of Members:

-  Respect : Be kind and helpful to other players.

-  Active Players: Members need to be active and contribute. Inactive, non-contributing members can/will be removed. We want our alliance to grow in power and be competitive in AVA. That can only be accomplished through regular participation on the part of all members. 

- Teamwork: In AVA that means garrisoning in camps, sending out swords, contributing resources to camps. Within the alliance that means contributing to challenges, helping, and answering questions that people post in chat. In player to player that means sending friendly actions to members (Barter/Aid/Bribe), helping with boss challenges, friending and sending favors, and responding to banner calls. 

-  Honesty: Members are encouraged to share any ideas and advice they have on how to improve any aspect of our alliance or gameplay. Also, if you make a mistake, own up to it and try to make amends; no one is going to crucify you for it.