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Decorative Blade

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Decorative Blade

Item Border Silver

Common Gem

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Hand Icon Lg Weapon


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A blunted blade, but richly decorated in honor of your liege

This item is required before you can complete the Prologue.


Silver Icon10
Time Icon30s
Required Resources
1 Iron 1 Wood 2 Ore

    Sell Value

    This item is worth 2 Silver Icon when sold to the Shop.

    Used to Craft

    This item is not used to craft anything else


    • While this item may seem useless, it has the most unlocked Seal Slots that you can get on any Item or Troop that you can produce
    • Put three Rare Seals of Questing (gained in Volume IV) on this item to create an item that will speed up Actions of a certain type on Quests by 3%

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