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Crow's Leather Boots

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Hand Icon Lg
Body Icon
Companion Icon
Seal Icon
Tactics Icon Dark
Boons Icon Lg
Food Icon Lg
Resource Icon
Item Card Gold

Black Boots

Item Border Gold

Legendary Gem

Battle Icon 2 10
Trade Icon 2 0
Intrigue Icon 2 25
Body Icon Armor


Seal Add Icon
Seal Lock Icon
Seal Lock Icon
Seal Lock Icon

+20% to Intrigue defense in the Fist of the First Men Tale, 4% faster Sabotage attacks on Adventures
You want to lead one day? Well learn how to follow.


Great Hall
Great Hall
Silver Icon1000
Time Icon2h
Central Hearth
Great Hall Central Hearth Upgrade
Required Resources
100 Keepsake

Sell Value

This item is worth 4000 Silver Icon when sold to the Shop.