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Claims and Accusations

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Claims and Accusations is a City Quest that is part of the Fate, Signed storyline.
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Silver Icon +100-250

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Common Boon
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Common Gem

Random Resource

Reward Card Sleeve


"That's...quite a claim. Lord Roxton, I'm sure you have an answer to this."

Roxton explodes with rage. "LIES! Lies and lies! You must hear me out. Harlton keeps his real trespass from you, against your family, your [husband/wife]!"

'I'll listen to all concerned here and decide what is to be done."

"Treason. Kidnapping. Alvyn, any sense of how to navigate to real answers?"

Alvyn all but startles when you ask his opinion. "...Everyone lies, my [lady/lord]. Still, it's worth seeing what they all have to say, I think."

"I'll listen to all concerned here and decided what is to be done."

"Ser Hugo, you advocated prudence here. Does that include hearing them out?"

Ser Hugo shakes his head, and answers slowly. "The [Your Fealty] should deal with this, ultimately. But find out what you can, before you turn them over."

"I'll listen to all concerned here and decide what is to be done."

Sworn Sword Actions



Alignment Family Icon "You'd hear out that treasonous snake?" Harlton is now also spitting wrath. "What justice is that?" But Ser Hugo is dragging them both from the hall.
Alignment Truthful Icon Both Harlton and Roxton respond with shouts of anger and dissent. Ser Hugo drags them both, still protesting, from the room.
Alignment Realm Icon Lord Roxton snarls his protest. "Harlton is the real danger here, not me. You have no idea what he's done!" But Hugo drags them both out of the hall.

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Previous Quest Storyline
The Bastard's Return - Fate, Signed - II
Volume I

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