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Children of the Snow

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World Dragon Attack
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This alliance has Disbanded

King's Landing
"We are the Free Folk within the realm.  The Horn that brings down walls.  The Shadow behind the Throne.  The Voice in tavern, field, and village.  We yield to the man, not the sword.  We nurture the weak.  May they become strong.  All are born free.  Only the strong stay free.  We shall blend the Old with the New.  May it guide us through the Long Night yet to come."

Our Mission

  • To nurture and support the good of the game  as a whole
  • To embrace both new players and veteran players so all may learn
  • To provide common defense against hostile PtP
  • To promote friendship both within the alliance and with other alliances
  • To war only when necessary -- negotiation of peace is always our preferred option
  • To ensure that all members may reap the rewards of alliance challenges
  • To share boss challenges and friendly PtP (like Barter) with each other to help each other grow stronger

About the Founder and Leader

Horn of Joramun was founded by Marchon Ward.  Lord Ward has been very active within the game community since March 4th, 2013, and has formed bonds with many of the original players of the game as well as a number of the Gold Cloaks (forum moderators). If you journey to the GoTA forums, you are bound to see his name throughout those boards.  He is the current leader in posts with over 3,000.  He has been a Gold Cloak, and belongs to several GoTA groups outside the game, including The Pact -- a group for alliance leaders to promote communication between alliances and to prevent misunderstandings.  He is also one of the Admins of the GoTA Research Lab on Facebook.  Marchon Ward has taken a leave of absence from being a Gold Cloak to better focus on the game, and to build Horn of Joramun into a respected alliance.  He is also the current leader.

Alliance Features

  • Alliance Chat on Skype as well as in the private forum
  • A private forum closed to anyone but alliance members, where files and research are shared, and where discussions are held outside of chat.
  • A member of The Pact, which allows us to negotiate or even ally ourselves with other alliances.

Recent News

  • Horn of Joramun is not recruiting at this time.
  • This alliance is temporarily closed/inactive.  It may be revived at some point in the future, perhaps under a different name.

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