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The "Volume Quests" categories on the Wiki, (like this one,) serve to represent the various quest-lines, or "Storyline" titles in a Volume - not "individual" quests. In some games, such Storyline titles might be logically categorized under specific Chapters, but in the Game of Thrones - Ascent this would be very difficult to do, as most of the questlines are not connected to any specific Chapters in the game and can be played through apart from any particular Chapter's requirements. In fact, some of the Chapters in the game list only parts of a Storyline for their goals, with other parts of it being listed as requirements in another Chapter. Thus, linking all of the Storylines to this category is much more practical because it represents the entire Volume.

Gain power and expand your lands as you participate in events from Season One of HBO's "Game of Thrones".Edit

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