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The King in the North Tale

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Tale Map King North
Released: 24 June 2015, 11:00am EDT

The Tale

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"Tell Lord Tywin, winter is coming for him. Twenty thousand notherners marching south..." Join Robb Stark, the Younf Wolf of Winterfell, on his jouorney to call his banners, capture the Kingslayer in the Battle of the Whispering Woods, and become the King in the North!

World Winterfell


Stark Bannerman Here, Robb is left as lord when Ned Stark becomes Hand of the King, and here, he calls his bannermen to free his father from Lannister treachery. But will the banners obey a green boy?

Northmen give no quarter, even to their own. Prove that Robb Stark has the strength and the honor to deserve his banners' fealty, and to win the coming war.

World The Twins

The Twins

Here, Walder Frey controls the only bridge across the Green Fork. Robb's army will be stranded in the North unless he can broker an alliance with the famously cruel and selfish lord.

Boys might play with swords, but it takes a man to make a marriage pact. Join Catelyn Stark in negotiating the terms of Robb's agreement with Walder Frey.

King North 2

World the Path Home

The Green Fork

World Battle in Progress Crop Here, Tywin Lannister's forces have gathered to crush the Northern host. Thirty thousand Westermen and the imp's mountain clans wait to attack. But sly Robb holds them with a feint.

Join the two thousand Northern troops sent to engage the Lannisters while Robb moves his host elsewhere. Many will die in the feint, but the North will survive.

World Epic Battle Victory

The Whispering Wood

Here, Robb Stark strikes in the night, his soldier and his wolf demolishing the unprepared Lannister host. In this great victory, the Kingslayer himself is taken by the North!

Ride with the great Northern host and fall upon Jaime Lannister's forces. Free Riverrun from the Lannister siege and win a great victory for the North!

World Battle Preparations Crop

World Riverrun


World Rider on a Horse Crop Here, the Northern Bannermen reject the choice that they must kneel either to Joffrey, Stannis, or Renly. Instead, for the first time in three hundred years, they proclaim a new King in the North!

Defy the Iron Throne and join your fortunes to Robb Stark as he declares that from this time to the end of time the North is a free and independent kingdom.


Beloved by his bannermen, victor in his first great battle, commanding both the north and the Riverlands, Robb Stark is poised to begin a new northern dynasty... as soon as he marries his Frey bride.

Event History

  • Released: 24 June 2015
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