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Knights of the Realm

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A knight is a member of a warrior tradition that is heavily interwoven in the culture of the Seven Kingdoms and the Faith of the Seven. Knighthood has its roots in Andal culture and was brought to Westeros during the Andal Invasion. Knights are referred to with the title "Ser".

Becoming a Knight

The traditional process to becoming a knight has three stages.

  • Page, A boy that becomes a page is attached to a knight, who becomes the boy's master. The sons of many knights and lords are sent to foster with relatives or allies, while other pages serve their own fathers.
  • Squire, When a boy reaches adolescence, he graduates to being a squire. Squires learn how to properly care for and use weapons, armor, and horses as well as learning about Chivalry. In time of war Squires join their masters in war, assisting them with their equipment and fighting by their side in battles. Some squires choose to never become a full knight, and live the rest of their lives as squires.
  • Knighthood, Any knight can proclaim another man a knight for whatever reason he chooses. This usually happens when a squire reaches adulthood and his master judges him worthy of accepting the responsibilities of a knight. A man who has not been raised in the knightly tradition can also be made a knight as a reward for service.

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