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Your Character and your Sworn Swords have three Slots to equip gear and a unit or companion:

Item Hand Icon Item Body Icon Item Companion Icon


Gear and Companions allow you to strengthen the BattleTrade, and Intrigue stats of your Character and your Sworn Swords. Some items confer points, and some items confer a percentage bonus to one or more specializations.

The Stats page has more information on how gear and companions apply to quests, adventures, and PVP.


Gear comes in the same variations of quality as Sworn Swords:

Permanent Items Some items, usually but not always those purchased with gold, are marked Permanent. This means that they will stay with you when you reincarnate.

Not all Peerless items are Permanent. Not all Permanent items are Peerless.

Anything that is not marked permanent will be lost when you reincarnate, regardless of what its quality is.

Limits on equipmentEdit

While you may have as many of any equipment/unit/companion as you want to buy or produce, your character and your Sworn Swords can only have one hand, one body, and one unit item equipped each. Equipped Items will be darkened on the equip screen and cannot be used for upgrades until unequipped.

How to EquipEdit

To equip a items, double click the Item Hand IconItem Body Icon, or Item Companion Icon button on the character you wish to equip. To choose the item that you want to equip, click on the Equip button.

Remember that you may not see what you want to equip. This means you have more than one page of Items. Use the Next button to scroll one page forward and the Prev button to scroll back one screen. You must do each item seperately.

How to UnequipEdit

Click on the Item in that character's inventory and click on the Unequip button.

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