This category is for review of pages with similar names, or pages that could be easily confused. You can help by adding Disambig Needed to the categories of to any pages you see that have the same name as other pages. See the discussion on this topic here.

Pages may appear in this category for informational purposes only, to aid in reviewing pages in need of disambiguation. When adding pages, please add ALL relevant examples.


Pages that link to each other in their content do no need to be disambiguated.

Pages that form tabs do not need to be disambiguated.


When disambiguating use the following for parameter 2:

Quests with the same name Quest Name (Vol ID)
Quests with the same name
in the same Volume
the [Chapter/Part] # Quest
Quests with the same name
as a storyline or chapter
the (Vol ID) Quest
Quests with the same name
as an item/location/character
the Quest
Storylines the (Vol ID) Storyline
Chapters the (Vol ID) Chapter
Characters the Character
Items the [weapon/armor/companion/boon]
Locations the Location

For locations and characters, do not add the disambig icon to the top of the page; add the quest to the page itself.

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