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List of Alliances

Alliance Fealties

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Alliances are player-created Factions within the game.

When looking for an Alliance, it is important to find one that is right for you. Each alliance will have their own benefits and expectations regarding membership.

Only 10 alliances within your alliances power range are listed in the Power interface of the game. Alliances are Ranked by the power of the Alliance.  If you are not in an alliance the top 10 Alliances are listed in the power rankings.

Leader & Officers

Alliance Leader Icon
Alliances have a single Leader, denoted by a crown icon.

The Leader is able to change the settings of the Alliance, such as what the Alliance is called, the Alliance's fealty, and how new members are accepted. A Leader can appoint Officers within their alliance, whom will have one of the following abilities, depending on which actions the Leader has empowered their Officers with:

  • Build and lock/unlock Camps
  • Start Alliance Challenges
  • Set the Alliance's Diplomacy with other Alliances
  • Remove (AKA "Kick", "Boot", "Ban") members of an Alliance (that are not the Leader)

If an Alliance is without a Leader, an Officer and/or a member of the Alliance can attempt to Seize Power to become the new Leader.

Joining an Alliance

Each Alliance will have one of four settings regarding membership;

  • Open - Anyone may join
  • Closed - Not accepting new members
  • Invitation - Only the Leader can send an invitation to other players in the game
  • Friends of Friends - Anyone that has a Friend in the Alliance may join the Alliance

The Leader can also set the permissions for Members and Officers, most important of which are listed above.

Leaving an Alliance

To prevent griefing and "reward hopping", there is a 24 hour cooldown period between leaving your current alliance and joining a new one. This cooldown applies if you have participated in any Alliance Vs Alliance or Alliance Challenges.

Alliance Fealty

Most Alliances will support players that cycle through the Fealties through Reincarnation, but some may choose to declare support for one of the Great Houses over another, or to identify with one Great House over the others. Some Alliances will take on the full identity of their Fealty, refusing to ally with their Fealty's enemies, but not all will. It is important to remember that not all players approach this game the same way, and to find the Alliance with the same attitude towards your favoured Fealty that you have.

Size and Tiers

Aliances are categorised into five Tiers, depending on the average number of participants that they had over the last three Alliance Vs Alliance Phases.

Tier 1

No previous experience in AvA conflict


Average of 25 or less members during the previous three Phases

Tier 2 Average of between 26 and 50 members during the previous three Phases.
Tier 3 Average of between 51 and 100 members during the previous three Phases.
Tier 4 Average of between 101 and 200 members during the previous three Phases.
Tier 5 Average of between 201 or more members during the previous three Phases.

As of August 2014, there were;

  • 157 Alliances have 500+ members (members, not war participants)
  • 54% of players are in Alliances with more than 500 members
  • 9,605 Alliances have fewer than 500 members
  • 46% of players are in Alliances with less than 500 members
Source: Just Who Has the Most Bread in the Game? Nod, 11 August 2014 on Disruptor Beam's website

How are some Alliances able to have more than 500 members?

When the game first started, there wasn't a restriction on how many members an Alliance could have. Then Disruptor Beam announced that Alliances would be limited to 500 members. Alliances that had more that 500 members have to reduce their size to 500 before they can add any new members, however due to the problems of not being able to see a full membership list, some larger Alliances have been unable to see all of their members, and thus have been unable to remove inactive members from their membership list. Until this is resolved, these Alliances are stuck with their current memebrship.


Alliances gain power by completing Alliance Challenges. Alliance Power is what determines an Alliance's Rank.

There is no mechanical benefit for your Alliance achieveing a certain Rank, only bragging rights and the feeling of satisfaction in knowing that you have overtaken another Alliance.

At present, the power Ranks are approximately as follows;

Alliance Challenges

main article: Alliance Challenges

There are three types of Alliance Challenges in the game - normal alliance challenges, AvA based alliance challenges and World Event alliance challenges. Based on the type of challenge, different types of contributions (materials, spoils, adventure rewards) must be supplied to the challenges, before they can be undertaken.

Based on members permissions, Leader, Officers or any member can initiate the Alliance Challenge, once all the supplies have been contributed. However, many Alliances have rules that their members have agreed upon as to how an Alliance Challenge should be initiated.

Alliance vs Alliance Combat

main article Alliance Vs Alliance

Alliance Vs Alliance (AvA) was introduced in the major build on October 3rd,2013. The Alliance screen was redesigned and the options of Diplomacy, War Map and Camps were added. It is through the War Map interface, that Alliances can Build Camps and Attack or Assist the Camps of other Alliances.

On July 21st, AvA has been extended into World Event, where the previously known AvA is just Stage 2 of it. Participation in the World Event has also been extended to those players, who don't pledge allegience to any alliance. While they are unable to participate in AvA wars, they can still contribute towards Stage 3: The World Event, and reap rewards.

List of Alliances

Alliances are invited to create a page for their Alliance to promote themselves and to keep track of their Achievements. It can be as creative as you like, so long as it has the compulsory sections listed in the Create a New Alliance Template

Players are invited to peruse our List of Alliances to find the Alliance that is right for them.

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