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Cast into Misfortune

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Cast into Misfortune is a City Quest that is part of the Finding a Smith storyline.

World Village Center


Cast into Misfortune

"This is Munda, my [lord/lady]. Her husband is a deserter from Lord Regenard Turner's forces. She seeks shelter here, against my advice."



Silver Icon +50-100

Reward Background
Common Boon
Iconview Silver Dark
Common Gem

Random Resource

Reward Card Sleeve


"Desertion is serious, Munda. Why should I grant your family lenience of any kind?"

"My man didn't fight because he didn't want to die and leave me with ten boys, and none of 'em old enough to run the forge, m'[lord/lady]."

"That's...quite a brood. You and your pack of boys can stay here, for now."

"Your thoughts on this, Ser Hugo?"

Hugo shrugs heavily. "Find the smith, capture him alive for now, m'[lord/lady]. Or Turner will leave us no options save a beheading."

"All right. Do what you can to find him."

"My concern here is relations with Lord Turner."

Maester Lucas clears his throat. "Pardon, my [lord/lady], but we received a raven from Lord Turner on the matter of the smith this morning."

"I should have known. What did he say?"

Sworn Sword Actions



Alignment None Icon This gets a dark look from Hugo. "Keeping the smith's wife here is nothing but trouble, my [lord/lady]."
Alignment None Icon Munda scowls, anxious. "But... my [lord/lady], what about us? I've got ten of that man's sons to feed!"
Alignment None Icon Maester Lucas shrugs, as though the answer's inevitable. "He wants the smith's head in a basket, my [lord/lady]."

Volume I Icon Quest Sworn Sword Icon

Storyline Next Quest
Finding a Smith - I - The Bending Process (Option #1 or #2)
Drawing Out the Smith (Option #3)
Volume I

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