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Carellen's Anger

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Carellen's Anger is a City Quest that is part of the Bitter Are the Honors storyline.

World Village Center


Carellen's Anger

"My [lady/lord], I can't afford to waste time entertaining this troublemaker. I have paying customers to attend to!"



Silver Icon +100-250

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Common Boon
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Common Gem

Random Resource

Reward Card Sleeve


"A well-connected knight has lost valuables at your brothel. What would you have me do?"

"Forgive me, my [lady/lord], but not every young and stupid knight who can't keep track of his things deserves to be placated so."

"It's an ugly solution, I agree. Be patient, I'll soon make it up to you and your girls."

"In what world is the knight of a house subject to the complaints of a brothel owner?"

"Surely I can present an appeal to you for help. I am at my wit's end with this fool of a knight, and my whores are demanding their wages."

"Do as I say, Carellen, or you'll be wearing iron bracelets in my dungeon."

"We needed coin and service, you had some of each to offer. What should I have done?"

"Some of my whores haven't slept in two days, others need to eat. There are limits to what we can put up with, my [lady/lord]."

"It is what it is. Further pressure might be brought to bear on your income at any time."

Sworn Sword Actions



Alignment New Ways IconAlignment Old Ways IconAlignment Cunning Icon "As you say, my [lady/lord]." Carellen stalks out of the room, hiding her fury as well as she might.

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Unhappy Customer - Bitter Are the Honors - II - The Search for the Bear Charm
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