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Cape Wrath

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Cape Wrath

Cape Wrath is a large penninsula that juts out into the Narrow Sea, bordered to the north by Shipbreaker Bay and to the south by the Sea of Dorne. The Weeping Tower sits along its shore.

Adventures at Cape WrathEdit

Volume I Icon Find the Escaped Convicts
Volume I Icon Chase to the Tower
Volume III Icon Foil Dragonstone Pirates (Night)
Volume III Icon Survive a Stormlands Gale (Night)
Volume IV Icon Resolve Rainwood Dispute
Volume IV Icon Suppress Local Smugglers


Crow's Nest

a castle in the Stormlands located in the mountainous terrain between Griffin's Roost and Stonehelm, along the western edge of Cape Wrath and the Rainwood.

an island off the Cape Wrath in the Stormlands. It is a small island and very mountainous.
Griffin's Roost

a castle located between Storm's End and Crow's Nest in northwestern Cape Wrath.

a castle in the Stormlands located in the southern Rainwood in Cape Wrath.

a large forest that lies on Cape Wrath in the Stormlands. Although it is rainy, the region is fertile enough.
The Red Watch

the region around Stonehelm in the southern Stormlands, where the Red Mountains meet Cape Wrath.
The Weeping Tower

a castle located in the Stormlands. It lies on the southern shore of Cape Wrath, along the Sea of Dorne.

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