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Braavosi Carrack

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Hand Icon Lg
Body Icon
Companion Icon
Seal Icon
Tactics Icon Dark
Boons Icon Lg
Food Icon Lg
Resource Icon
Item Card Gold

Braavosi Ship

Item Border Gold

Peerless Gem

Battle Icon 2 0
Trade Icon 2 0
Intrigue Icon 2 30
Companion Icon Companion


Seal Add Icon
Seal Add Icon
Seal Add Icon
Seal Lock Icon
Seal Lock Icon
Seal Lock Icon

+6% to Spy when attacking or defending, 5% faster Intrigue attacks, +50% chance to add +12% to Steal & Sabotage for any attack or defense, Special Seal Slots (6 total, 3 unlocked), Permanent
A reward from the Invasion on the Narrow Sea World Event

This item type is Companion, which means that successful evolving process will always give you item without any bonus.


  • Through crafting with small chance of success:
    • On success gain a Braavosi Carrack and reset Luck.
    • On failure retain a Braavosi Longship and gain +1 Luck.
    • You can calculate your chance of success on this link: GoTA Player Tools
    • Luck increases the chance of success during production. You can read more about Luck here.
Silver Icon5000
Time Icon12h
Required Resources
Braavosi Ship
Leather Belt
Fine Wood
1 Braavosi Longship 6 Leather Belt 6 Fine Wood