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Boneway Scorpion

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Hand Icon Lg
Body Icon
Companion Icon
Seal Icon
Tactics Icon Dark
Boons Icon Lg
Food Icon Lg
Resource Icon
Item Card Gold

Boneway Scorpion

Item Border Gold

Peerless Gem

Battle Icon 2 25
Trade Icon 2 25
Intrigue Icon 2 25
Companion Icon Companion


Seal Add Icon
Seal Add Icon
Seal Lock Icon
Seal Lock Icon
Seal Lock Icon
Seal Lock Icon

+50% chance to add +12% to Harass, Swindle, & Sabotage for any attack or defense, Permanent
Extremely rare, and even more deadly

This Peerless Companion is Permanent, and will remain in the player's possession even after reincarnation.


  • As a special offer for buying $20 or more worth of Gold Icon during the launch of Season Four and the release of the House Martell fealty to the game. Offer was released April 07, 2014.