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Blades in the Shadows

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Blades in the Shadows

Waiting, watching, preparing... When your enemies move in shadows, remain vigilant. When the blades finally come, you will be ready to knock them aside.

Icon-quest-dark Goals

Icon-crown-dark Bonus Goals

  • Reach level 60
  • Produce 150 rare weapons, items, or units
  • Upgrade your fealty building 20 times

Icon-friendgift-dark Rewards

Quest Icon All Quests

Required Quests

These quests must be completed to progress to the next Chapter.

Main Questline

Neighbouring Nobles Questline

Quest Icon While you defend your lands, distant events threaten peace throughout the Seven Kingdoms.

Quest Icon Volume I Icon Quest Icon

A Lesson Harshly Learned - Volume I - The True Threat

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