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Bitter Mercy

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Bitter Mercy is a City Quest that is part of the Whispering Wood storyline.

World After the Battle


Bitter Mercy

Robb Stark sits drinking with Kirth after the battle. "Maybe Theon's right. Maybe I should have beheaded Jaime Lannister. Should I? Tell me, Kirth."



Silver Icon +100-250

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Common Boon
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Common Gem

Random Resource

Reward Card Sleeve


Find out why he didn't kill Jaime.

"My mother's right. We need him as a bargaining chip for my father and my uncle. And my father never condoned murdering prisoners after a battle."

Confirm that keeping Ser Jaime alive is best not just for Robb, but all who follow him.

Inquire about what can be gained by beheading their captive.

"Nothing." Robb tosses a stone in the fire and it throws sparks high. "It might salve Rickard Karstark's grief at losing his sons. Or my own anger."

Tell Robb that he should kill Ser Jaime to avenge Lord Karstark's sons.


Reassure him that his decisions have been good so far and that likely includes this one.

Sworn Sword Actions



Alignment Realm Icon Robb exhales sharply. "I hope you're right. He deserves to die for everything he's done, and tonight there's nothing I'd rather do than kill him."
Alignment Family Icon "Believe me, I want to. More than anything." He shakes his head. "But I didn't get us this far by letting my emotions or impulse guide me."
Alignment None Icon "I'm not sure Rickard Karstark thinks so, tonight. They put their trust in me." His gaze goes out to the camp and the banners in darkness. "All of them."

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Previous Quest Storyline
The Battle of Whispering Wood - The Whispering Wood - III
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