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Barristan's Dragons Guard formed May 13, 2015. The original members have grown, learned and died together the entire time. We have welcomed many new and many seasoned players within our ranks. We promote the better of the team during AvA and stand by each other. Most importantly WE PROTECT OUR OWN no matter the circumstances. We have many dedicated and wonderful allies we have the honor of fighting alongside. We do not bow under threats and we take every challenge or fight head on with Lord Wolfe leading the charge. We have a lot of fun with each other and are always looking for just the right maniac to come along and join in the blood and mayhem. We understand this is a game and don't take things too seriously. If you are looking for a fun, heavily combative AvA, and maybe a few drunk nights than you would fit in perfect with us.


  • AvA Competitive
  • Fun and friendly atmosphere at all times
  • Constant Challenges open and available
  • Reincarnation friendly and encouraged
  • Many training and informative documents available


  • Always communicate when player will not be in game. Real life comes first
  • Respectful behavior towards every member we treat each other like family
  • No complaining over burnt camps or dead SwSw
  • If EVER you have a question ALWAYS ask. We have plenty of high ranking and long time players with answer

We ask for all to participate in Facebook chat (messenger) if possible but not required at this moment


  • Top 10 wins in 3 seperate phase
  • Top 20 wins in multiple regions since AvA restarted


Leader: Morgan Kell (Interim)

Jeremiah Wolfe


  • Morgan Kell - The Hand/Second in Command
  • Tyanna Wynd-Wolfe - Ambassador
  • Warryn Lefford - Grand Maester
  • Deana Drumm - Captain Kings Guard
  • Eleonor Trueberry - Lady Marquis
  • Jeckyl Velaryon - The Royal Executioner
  • Clifford Miller - The Pit Master
  • W33d_s33k3r - Fuckin Master Assassin
  • Gwyn Lynx (Therese Moen) -Chief Architect

How to Join

You must be friends with Leader Lord Morgan Kell (player ID 9116956 ) in order to gain membership. Please send a raven to him as well when you join so he may introduce you to the group, our Facebook page, and our members only chat group.

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